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Part 3 - Breaking Free

My second wife did not like my art or poetry; not unless it was cute, whimsical, or extremely Christian-oriented... I stopped writing poetry in 1984, and convinced myself it was because "I no longer needed to"...

The river Denial runs very deep...

In late 1992, I found and started participating in a support group on the Internet. At first, I only read what others wrote, discovering in the process that I was not alone, that others had experienced sexual, physical, and emotional/verbal abuse very similar to my own.

It was a tremendous shock to me. I was not alone.

I learned that I was not abused because I was "bad'' or "deserved it''; that it happened because those who abused me took advantage of their authority, perverted and distorted that authority to fulfill and justify their own sick lusts...

I started writing again, writing more than poetry... for the first time in my life, I wrote down - and then shared with the support group - some of what had been done, what I had experienced; and what I perceived my life to be as an adult. I responded to some writers on the group directly, other responses took the form of allegories or stories, which I've included here in the Poetry section...

The Guardian

Broken Dreams

The Journey

The Lost Ones

Shape Shift

The Storm

The Sanctuary

One Man's Dream

Encounter in the Night

To Take... To Hold


Destiny - Or Karma?

The Midnight Sky

Voice in the Night

Dream Mists

Father's Day

There are Monsters
Out There

Dark Sun Rising

I Didn't Know...


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