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Voice in the Night... Amou

Dark windswept streets glistening in the rain, Pools of light reflecting in the distance like mirages on some distant desert.... Window down, I feel the rain against my arm... And remember the delicate touch of your gentle tears... the soft touch of your hand on mine... Around one bend lies the road to a loveless house... another leads to a long highway heading home... but one I cannot take for a while though that is the road that calls me.. One leads up the mountain, away from the city... and I turn the wheel, the only sound the quiet whisper of the tires in the rain, the gentle purr of the engine... The road climbs steeply.. and soon I am deep in the forest, yet keep driving... watching the headlights cast shifting shadows through the trees, raindrops scintillating streaks.. The summit... a small park overlooking two valleys... empty... Parking, I emerge into the rain, feeling it against my face; feeling your tears echoing mine across the miles... A winding path, a stone bench... wind sighing through the trees... and I hear your voice in the winds, calling my name... and my soul aches, wanting to answer, wanting to come home.. For a moment... the clouds part... myriad scintillating stars unveiled... and in them I see reflected your own deep shimmering eyes... Eyes glowing with Love beyond comprehension, with Unfathomable Love for this lonely wanderer... My tears merge with the storm... my soul cries out your name to the heavens, to the stars.... knowing that somewhere you too look up into the heavens... beneath the same midnight sky.. and I feel you reaching to me... and my soul aches, reaching for you, my Love... my LifeMate... And I wonder how long... How long will it be... how long will fate conspire to keep us apart ...facing into the winds as the storm returns, I peer into the west... my tears mingling with the rains, my voice crying your name blending with the winds sighing through the trees... My soul dark as the turbulent night because we are apart... And I reach my arms to the heavens... crying your name, seeking you, reaching for you in the rain in the windswept midnight sky as I cry with my very being that I Love You... I cry I Love You... I Love You... November 28, 1994

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