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If I have not provided proper attribution, or have somehow omitted attribution for a graphic, banner, or other item, please let me know via email: ghstwolf @ nemasys dot com. I will glady provide attribution on this page as well as the page where the graphic, banner, or item appears; or if desired, will remove the item from the page.

In plain American English:

I, T. GhostWolf Davidson, aka GhostWolf, retain and reserve all rights of ownership, publication, and distribution of and for the materials contained in my pages, located at

OK. Now that the legal stuff is stated; welcome to my pages. I've put a lot of work into not only these pages, but also the artwork and writing contained by and in these pages.

I simply ask that you honor and respect my creation and ownership of my creation by not taking, copying, or reproducing it without my permission.

Linking to my Pages

Feel free to add a link from your pages to mine; the Linking Instructions page contains code samples and banners for your convenience.

Copying my HTML, Art, Poetry, and Writings

Not without asking me first. That's all, just ASK via email: ghstwolf @ nemasys dot com.

Is it that hard to email a line or two naming what you'd like to use???

If you want to copy and use any of my work for your own personal webpages and/or nonprofit publication, email me or write to me at the addresses shown at the top of this copyright page. I haven't denied permission to anyone yet, and it's doubtful I will.

If you want to copy and use any of my work in commercial publications, again, ASK. I am not unreasonable.

Having my work published appeals to me IF:

  1. I am acknowledged in the publication, page, or other media as the copyright owner, retaining all rights to the work being copied and/or quoted.

  2. I am acknowledged as the creator and originator of the work.

Please assume that everything you see on the Site is copyrighted unless otherwise noted. I maintain this Site for the purposes of information and education regarding emotional, sexual, and physical abuse and the repercussions of abuse, and methods for dealing with and recovering from the effects of abuse, and also to facilitate my own recovery by putting my experiences and thoughts down in tangible form.

You may not copy or otherwise use any of the materials from this Site without the advance written consent of myself, T. GhostWolf Davidson, as noted above.

I make no warranty of any kind with respect to the materials provided on my Site, and they are provided to you AS IS. I assume no responsibility, and am not and shall not be liable for any adverse psychological, mental, or other effects and/or affects the contents of my Site may have on you.

I have not reviewed and cannot review all of the sites which are, or may be, linked to my Site, and therefore am not responsible or accountable for the content of any pages or other sites linked to my Site.

Also refer to my Piracy and Copyright Information pages for more information.

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