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GhostWolf's Art

Art - drawing with pencil, charcoal, and pen; painting with oils, acrylics, and water colors - has been and is one way whereby I can express feelings and emotions that I cannot (at the time) share face to face with another.

Some of my drawings are somewhat lifelike, such as my racoons and dogs; others are symbolic of my feelings and thoughts during the time I created the art; and, in those times, my artwork is an integral part of my recovery.

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Mouse on Mushroom

The first time I drew this little fella was in 1966, while visiting my Aunt in Pheonix, Arizona. My family considers him my trademark.

Racoon and Frog Racoon and Ducklings

1971 - Inspired by watching racoons in Big Basin Redwoods State Park in California.

Granma and Granpa

1972 - A whimsical mouse couple inspired by my paternal grandparents.

Base Rising

1972 - Surrealistic acrylic painting of a bass jumping after a frog.


Boston Terrier Chihuahua in a Cup Black Terrier White Poodle

January 1974 - Pencil sketches done of photographs in Walter Chandler's Book of Puppies and Dogs. © Walter Chandler


No Smoking!

February 1980 - Done for a friend who does not smoke.

Dream Mists

4/9/1995 - Ever feel something was watching you in your dreams? ...this one is effective in reverse video. Within minutes of completing it, I wrote the poem Dream Mists.

Sierra Sunset

4/15/1995 - This was drawn on a restaurant napkin one evening while having dinner out with my wife... I was feeling very much at peace...

Alpine Sunrise

4/17/1995 - Also drawn on a restaurant napkin; again, having dinner with my wife Martha; and again, at peace...


5/5/1995 - My partner and wife Martha loves lionesses; so when I noticed that she really liked the original photograph, I drew this for her using the photograph.

The Future?

8/10/1995 - Who hasn't dreamt of desolation at one time or another? Also effective in reverse video.

The Chamber

9/11/1995 - Some say the dark ages are over... are they? I never forgot...

Out of Nowhere

9/24/1995 - Wanting to strike back at them... Ending the dark ages... maybe? ...Also effective in reverse video.

Wolf Shaman

9/27/1995 - Another restaurant napkin... another peaceful night with Martha, discussing spirituality...

Self Acceptance

10/1/1995 - Beginning to learn that they lied... and breaking free.

Necromancer's Chalice

10/31/1995 - Abreactions and flashbacks are not fun...


11/13/1995 - late 1995, a time of great stress and anger for me; fighting the desire to strike back at everyone who had hurt me and is hurting me; expressing that anger - safely? - via art. Also interesting in reverse video.

Peaceful dragon

11/18/1995 - Not all of my dragons are fierce...

Again, enough!!!

12/15/1995 - Still working through anger, still hurting, still wanting to strike back... and doing so only via this art. Also affective in reverse video.

No more!

1/15/1996 - Learning to defend myself... well...


1/22/1996 - A symbolic representation of myself and my brother Danny... which of us is the wolf, and which the dragon? ...perhaps both

The Watcher

4/1/1996 - Some dragons simply watch... and wait...

The Last Goodbye

4/15/96 - My Dad died in my arms in 1956 ... I never did get to say goodbye...

Desert Twilight

6/2/96 - Starting to get back into painting, with acrylics... I have always loved the desert...

Left Hand of Darkness

7/8/96 - Never did forget... just watched, learned, dreamed of the day I'd be big enough, strong enough to go back... do to them what they did to me...

Hungry Dragon!

2/15/97 - This one was drawn on a placemat at a restaurant while Martha and I waited - and waited - and waited for our food (grin)

Back Off!

5/5/97 - There are times I simply want to be left alone...

The Cost of Recovery

5/20/02 - Sometimes recovery means realizing and accepting uncomfortable truths about self, and then doing something to resolve those issues - even if that means starting once again from rock bottom.

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