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One Man's Dream (Yanni)
Author's note: This one was written as a result of listening to Yanni's song One Man's Dream, as suggested by geode... It was written to her, asking a question for both of us... I knew by this time that she and I were but friends... good friends; and that is all that it would be...

But, we both were facing the same kind of empty future... it is good to have friends... friends though, are not the same as a partner, a lifemate...

One Man's Dream my dream

Sleep departs... and slowly, gently, 

    awareness creeps in...

and, I wonder...  laying alone in my bed; 

    alone, in an echoing house -

        a house haunted with memories 

            of things that never were, never could be...

        Alone... in an echoing house 

            full of broken dreams, efforts, 

                years of work and struggle--

            now naught but dust...

I wonder... I dream...

Will there ever be One by my side, 

    Her hand, and mine--entwined?

    Will there ever be One--who will never depart?

Will I ever awaken--to turn and look 

    deep into Her eyes as she awakens,

        and see there the full Soul-Knowledge 

            of Love, compassion, acceptance... 

        flowing deep and unending 

            between our very beings?

Will there ever be times 

    when no words are spoken; 

        yet spoken more clearly 

    than if shouted from a mountain top 

        as I reach for Her - and Her for me;

            Our Soulsongs transcending life, 

                singing our love?

Will there ever be quiet times walking 

    as two, yet one, along stream banks,

        quietly conversing, sharing, loving, living? 

Walking along beaches and forest paths, 

        secluded glens and meadows, laying 

            in wild grasses sprinkled with fragrant flowers...

        Will this ever be?

Will there ever be the One 

    with whom I can share fog-wreathed forests 

        and feather-needled pines, 

    the One for whom 

        my heart cries out?

Will I ever dance with One 

    beneath the moonlight, 

        beneath a panoply of glistening stars, 

            holding Her soft and warm 

        in my arms, content in Herself and in me?

Will there ever be soft discussions,

    gentle awakenings that put to rest 

        all the pains and fears

            of yesterday... and today?

Will there ever be the partner,

    friend, lover, helpmate... 

        the planning together, sharing, 

            joining of strengths and love that, 

    when adversity strikes, 

        serves only to strengthen our love?

Will there ever by the One

    who draws closer to me--and I to her--

        in the face of trials, growing 

            and learning, together--

        never to grow apart?

Will there ever be quiet evenings 

    by a fireplace, cuddling together,

        listening to the rains fall gently outside?

Will there ever be 

    romantic days and nights exploring together 

        places never before seen... 

    and places each of us have known?

Will there ever be One 

    to be by my side in gentle spring suns, 

        to lie in my arms 

            by a campfire, 

        or to lean gently against me 

    as together, we listen to a majestic symphony?

Will she ever be there 

    to stroll along moonlit beaches 

        hand in hand, sharing Love, peace?

Will I ever have the chance 

    to delight One with unexpected home-cooked meals, 

        or nights out to special places 

    dear to her heart and soul?

Will I ever have the chance 

    to be there when She hurts 

        and needs a gentle hug... or more?

Will I ever have the chance 

    to encourage Her to find her dreams 

        and use her strengths 

    to be all she can be... and more?

Will there ever be...

    a time in the night... when 

        she gently reaches out, Her arms 

            soft, tender, enfolding me... and Her voice, 

        full of Love, telling me of that love,

            as I in turn gently encircle her 

        in my arms, cherishing her, Loving her,

            my heart singing of my Love for Her?

Will there ever be?

       Or... are my dreams but dust... and my fate

           but to age... alone;

               die, alone...?

                                            July 20, 1994

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