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To Take... To Hold

...for Amou

Sleep departs... and, you are there... my side; warm, close, real; your hand entwined in mine... and awareness gently creeps in... ...dispersing haunting memories of a time of empty dreams, gently erasing the pains of past struggles... Waking, I turn towards You... ...watching you sleep, peaceful, content... and you awaken and look into my eyes, smiling, Knowing my Love and Yours... ...Your eyes glowing in deep compassion and acceptance, our Love flowing fully, deep and unending between and, within our very beings... I reach for you... and you for me, and in the wondrous silence our Souls sing of our Love more clearly than ever language could... ...and we rest, content and complete in each others arms... Quietly walking as two, yet one along the streams of our lives, the forests of our souls... quietly sharing, talking, loving, living... Sharing misty mornings in fog-wreathed forests, listening together to the gentle sigh of the sea; strolling quietly down mossy paths, shaded by towering pines and redwoods... Content in each other... and ourselves... Dancing beneath myriad glistening stars, arm in arm, soul in soul in the soft moonlight, the evening winds a sweet caress echoing the touch of our souls... Our lives blending, merging, distinct yet.. joined... times of soft discussions and gentle awakenings putting to rest forever all the pains and fears of yesterday... and; easing and dissolving those of today... Side by side... partner, friend, lover, helpmate; LifeMates... planning together, sharing, joining of our unique strengths and love... Synergy, harmony, Love beyond comprehension, the gifts of trust and vulnerability, each for the other; Facing adversity together even before it comes, drawing ever closer together in the veils of time and the trials of life... In quiet evenings, cuddled together, content, complete... we listen to the gentle falling rains, our bodies and souls entwined, joined... watching the warm flickering flames, feeling the warmth of our own souls, our very beings joined in indescribable peace... Lying together in flowered meadows beneath gentle spring suns; You... in my arms by a campfire, leaning into me as the nightwinds whisper their gentle songs... You, by my side, arms entwined in mine, listening to majestic symphonies... Your hand, in mine, as we stroll along moonlit beaches, sharing Love, Peace, Life... And... the times when I reach out to enfold You in my arms, gently, ever so gently receiving the Gift of your pains and fears, the precious gift of your Tears... the times when, in the midst of your doubts, you can look through my eyes and see your soul, your wondrous, beautiful soul, and, together, we find there in your soul and in mine, the encouragement and strength to be all we can be... and more... The times in the night... when You gently reach out to me, your arms and Love enfolding me, holding me.. Your voice, full of Love, easing my fears and doubts... seeing, through your eyes, the man I can be, the man that I've become... because of your Love... Turning... my soul singing, I encircle you in my arms, my life becoming part of Your Life and world... Cherishing you, Loving you, content and at peace... And... I Know... Our dreams are not dreams... and, our years of loneliness are no more... September 23, 1994

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