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The Predator

Night was long on the slum when the furtive shape flitted between piles of garbage and packing crates within the dismal alley; darting through dim pools of light playing feebly through broken windows, a shadow against the darker shadows of night...

Its slinking half-seen form crept from doorway to doorway, seeking an entrance, crawling through fences, squirming through a hole in a broken-down warehouse whose back formed part of the alley wall...

Not far behind another form glided; sleek, lithe, slipping noiselessly through the night, its soft yellow eyes peering deep into the shadowy darkness; wiry muscles rippling beneath satiny-black fur...

No sound but a quiet purr marked its passage; and then a faint sound caught its ears... quickly, silently, it approached the warehouse wall, and was waiting as the scavenger emerged unaware of the sleek deadly hunter... only too late did it see, dropping its burden and turning to flee, only to be cornered as another patrol car raced into the alley, siren wailing...

                                           April 25, 1974

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