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...with thanks to Tolkein

Deep in gloomy dens of stone live the creatures men call trolls-- (though what they call themselves it seems no one ever knows) Creeping forth to prowl at night They scowl and growl and give great fright To unwary pilgrims whose last sight is of gruesome trolls in firelight... And never more is pilgrim seen on wooded paths `neath evergreen for all that's left are some bones mixed amongst the trash and stones in troll's dank cave beneath stony knolls... So beware, my friend, if you must go on dreary paths through haunted dale for lurking in their gloomy dens trolls want you for their dinner-pail... But not in day will trolls come out and go creeping round about (to eat you whole, without a doubt!) and pick their teeth with your bones; For sunlight turns them into stones, forever into cold grey stones... April 25, 1974

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