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Bach: Tocatta and Fugue in D Minor

Night of Terror

...with thanks to Vincent Price

Midnight came, lingered, and gave way to the hours when evil stalks the world...

Darkness yet deeper descended in suffocating folds on the tiny hamlet, and the few week glimmers of light yet burning surrendered to the ebony stream... thick cloying mists oozed slowly through the streets till the cobblestones were lost to sight beneath writhing reptilian rivers of fog...

And, in their homes, people slept uneasy; their dreams visions of ancient eldritch horror... and one by one they awakened, silently, listening to night flowing through the village... Through the darkness came a sound; clicking, clicking, claws upon stone; closer, ever closer; then - silence.

Suddenly, daemonic howls rent the night - and were answered! And, once again, silence descended to grip hearts in numbing terror - only to be shattered once more as terrifying growls and roars of battle erupted...

Only a few had courage to peer between the shutters to witness the forces of darkness... at first, the writhing evil mists obscured sight; but then, slowly, slowly lifted from the cobblestones to reveal the fearsome sight -

...of two dogs fighting over bones.

                                         April 24, 1974

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