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Mists II

Grey wraiths mantling land and sea, why do you cry? Your icy tears are born by lonely winds to touch my heart... --have you also lost the warmth of summer, the fragrance of spring? Only your silent tears answer, falling unseen by all, except me... For I know of loss, I have felt sadness and sorrow, and sought solace in the cold winds that gave you birth-- the winds that send your misty forms fleeing over land and sea; no respite, no rest, forever... Nebulous forms of grey-laced black, know you of love lost? You have heard lonely gulls crying, felt the surge of the timeless sea, and heard the wind singing her melancholy song in pine covered hills... You have heard the mournful crying of coyotes in vast deserts, touching them with your fleeting shadows under uncaring steel stars and silver moon, and you drift on, forever seeking, never finding-- Coming to mantle somber mountains in your grey shifting form, crying alone in the eternal darkness with me... September 27, 1972

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