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Journey I

Farewell, golden sun and gentle shores; I shall miss the wonder of gulls wheeling and laughing; the soothing mists brushing my brow amongst emerald pines... Farewell, friend ocean and companion sky; I shall miss the surging waves, the ephemeral clouds racing sun and moon, and delicate creatures scuttling about tidal pools... Fare thee well, lonely winds, companion to my soul; I shall miss your sweet voices singing in forest and meadow, bringing me visions of deep faery glens unseen by man... Fare thee well, land of my heart and world of my love; for I must leave and never return--never return to the shores that are my life and dream; I shall, I must journey to far lands that lie cold and bleak in eternal ebon night, where the only light is eldritch and alien; the shores dead and desolate... I must, I shall journey where waves and clouds are no longer remembered but as forgotten dreams of dying souls--and life but a dim memory of ephemeral wraiths wailing in the darkness... I journey where the only wind is bitter and cold, moaning out of dark voids between stars, bringing only tales of dead worlds drifting in eternity-- Drifting, and alone, with me... September 30, 1972

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