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Matthew 19:6

...for April

Together we stand, side by side, hand in hand, facing the mountainous future... Time, formless mutable time, will shape our paths as we, in turn, shape each other... We know not what lies ahead on the flanks of the awesome mount; we can but climb together, help each other, explore new paths, new glades, and wade crystal streams that form our trail up this mountain, this incredible mountain that is ours alone... Some paths, to be sure, will be easy, bordered by lush meadows of clover and columbine, and we will tarry a while, lying in the grass, basking in the sun, and, loving the caress of each other's arms... There will be other paths locked in winter's cold embrace, harsh, numbing-- yet, if we take warmth in each other's love, the snows will serve but for play; we'll build funny gnomish snowmen and ice palaces --and also lob powdery projectiles that detonate harmlessly in mock wars of soaring snowballs... There will be some paths blocked by seeming insurmountable obstacles; boulders, logs, yawning crevasses of unknown depths-- yet together, we can overcome, and, pass them; by loving, helping each other; one extending a caring hand to pull the other up, and over; the other in like... Once past, there will be cool glades
of emerald pines to soothe us, refresh us;
bountiful reward for our work, together... Then, as our paths approach the summit, we can look back at a course well run, a trail well-made, and know-- as we take the final, faltering step into eternity with God, that we have not failed him, nor, each other... October 22, 1975

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