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...for my Beloved Son

In the cool morning hours we awaken to the sound of faltering footsteps as you stumble bleary-eyed into our bedroom... and we watch, quietly, so very quietly, as you seek our bed, stumbling, weaving, not quite awake, yet not truly asleep... Your tiny hands reach tentatively to assure yourself that your mother, and father, are truly there; and, on finding us, you sleepily smile, secure, loved, and needed; then you climb into our bed, crawling between us, relaxing with a blissful sigh on finding the pillow... In an instant you sleep once again, dreaming little boy dreams of ``pop-pops'', going bye-bye; adrift in a gentle land of innocent dreams that, even in sleep, bring a cherubic smile, a golden smile, to your face... Your mother and I gently cover you, and encircle you --not only with our arms, but with our love; and, as you sleep, we quietly thank our Lord Jesus that you are our son, our little boy, to love, cherish, and share life with... Then, since the morning is still very young, we kiss your slumbering form gently, so very gently; then each other; Joining you in the gentle land of sleep-- the three of us, loving, loved, and; complete... July 30, 1978

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