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Wonder, O America, where your boys could be
wonder at the crying girls you see
wonder at the young brides dressed in black
O wonder, my America, at the caskets coming back
Look, O America, at your empty cities, towns
look at the somber mourning gowns
look for the young men gone to war
O look, my America, for their souls away soar
Feel, O America, all the heartaches and the pains
feel the dark and scarlet stains
feel the love your women lost
O feel, my America, the painful, dreadful cost
Pray, my America, for the young men gone and dead
pray for the brides they would have wed
pray for the loves so deep and true
Pray, my America, for they've been torn in two Wonder, America, wonder; why they have to die --
and then, my America, cry. October 12,1966

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