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Mists I

In the corridors and caverns of my memory
I shall run forever along pine-shaded paths,
wild woodland paths bordering the wilder,
lonelier sea...
Forever I'll hear grey sea-gulls laugh and wheel,
rumpling the salt-sea air;
forever I'll sigh when I see the sun smile
through feather-needled pine trees...
Forever I'll watch the fog mists
creeping through the silenced dark,
slipping among the trees, following twilight's feet...
Forever I'll run and feel the splash of the rain,
liquid fingers reaching down to join sad skies
and me...
In the corridors and caverns of my memory,
I shall run forever along pine-shaded paths
paths lonely, except that twilight,
in her veil of friendly fog,
runs with me February 6, 1966

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