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Orphans and Fragments

These are thoughts I've written down over the years, in the margins of books, on random scraps of paper...


It is in silence that we meet --
-- memories have no voice...

I possess empathy --
My heart and soul cry aloud
in the sorrows and griefs
of those I meet...

When my burden of sorrow grows too great,
when my life is crushed and beaten,
I turn once again to the soothing sea
to walk along the glistening sands
and to listen to the surging waves...

I saw eternity go by --
She stopped but a moment,
winked at me,
and then walked on with God...

Thundering surf crashes
upon the dark and distant shore,
swept by swirling winds,
mantled by ebon night, companion of my soul...
The hungry waves consume my wandering imprints,
but the ache in my heart
is not food for surf and wind;
only for my haunted memory...

We walk together slowly through the night
sadly drifting under heaven's sight
in the lonely cold star's light
not knowing where to turn
to ease our burdened souls...

I walk with only the stars to light my way;
the cold night has whispered things to say...

The animal within me sleeps
-- when in the company of others;
but prowls and rages all the lonely night...

The road lies before me
fading into the distance
and half-light of dusk...
Brown, brittle leaves rustle
as tired feet move on...

`Tis funny -- this language of ours;
it can express ethereal thoughts
in exquisite manner,
and yet fail
so totally
at communicating the being behind the words...

My mind seeks the voids of interstellar space
to become companion and one
with the jeweled galaxies pirouetting in ebon night
far beyond the reach of greedy, gregarious man...

A lone candle flickers
moth circles
and unites with flame...

Light fades
a dying soul
in surrender to night...

I welcome what friendship may come my way,
and rejoice in memory that it was,
once it has gone...

Enjoy each moment and seek therein hidden treasures; take not for granted each word and nuance, each gesture and twitch; for each has its own existential value from which interest can be gained...

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