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Stars countless above, starkly shining, clear
icy wind blowing on, not a sound to hear
but the mournful, lonely howl of the winds
a'blowing; no light but of spectral stars
on dim forms faintly glowing...
Footsteps sounding through the night,
echoing on, forever on;
nowhere to go, nowhere to roam,
waiting for the spectral dawn
which will never, never come again
to the desolate man pacing alone
under the cold bleak sky and all eternity facing...
His footsteps echo in the night, pacing on,
forever on; sounding through the howling winds,
never to see another dawn..
Lonely man, walk on, walk on -- companionship
never to know...
Lonely man, walk on, walk on,
under the cold star's endless glow
-- never to see another dawn...
December 23, 1966

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