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The waves lap softly at my feet,
sigh, and turn once more to the sea...
The winds blow cold and lonely,
calling ``come to me, come to me''...
Overhead, the lone gull cries,
his mournful voice seems to say
``walk on forever, lonely man,
for no one will ever come your way''
One more cry, mocking and cold,
the gull wings out to sea, to sea...
Disappearing in the dusk, crying
``come with me, come with me''... Swiftly the night approaches,
and swifter yet the stars appear
staring down from endless space --
cold and distant their ruthless leer...
The silence of death settles over all,
broken only by the wind and sea;
and again the sea gently calls,
``come to me, come to me'' The waves lap softly at my feet,
gently pulling me to the sea;
yielding to the lonely call
to feel the waves caressing me... -- oblivion comes softly
I welcome it, no longer alone January 13, 1968

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