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Author's note:  I wrote this one within minutes of shaving
off the first beard I had ever grown... it was the scraggliest,
scrawniest, thinest excuse for a beard one could see on the face
of an 18-year old kid...

Ballad of the Lost Beard

Once upon a time, long long ago there was a beard which didst grow luxurious and soft in a wondrous goatee and that beard was a beard of me One sweep of fur from crown to chin always thick and never thin black and brown and amber too and shades betwixt of reddish hue... But beard, oh beard, where hast thou gone? with fur so sleek and fur so long? What cruel fate has struck thee down? Oh, where's the fur so lovely and brown? Now an expanse of bare smooth skin nothing to hide my little fleas in just a chin alone and blue nothing there to strain soup through It's gone, gone, lost and dead -- now less fur on this poor head; Alas, oh beard, alas; thou art dead... November 26, 1967

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