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Time II

Time, marching tirelessly on;

past empires already gone,

past the birth of many a planet,

past the powdering of hardened granite --

      Existing before all,

      to last beyond hade's fall;

wearing down the greatest stones,

overthrowing mighty thrones;

dimming even the searing sun

till the icy night has won --

Tireless, merciless, always marching on,

time will exist when all else is gone;

destroying all without mercy,

forever seeking, forever thirsty;

hunting endlessly for every more prey

which on finding does cruelly slay;

leaving all in icy ruin -

      Behind, all the dead are strewn

      contorted and bent in death,

      slain by Time's icy breath --

         And yet, there is the awesome certainty:

         Time is but a part of endless eternity

                                               October 7, 1967

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