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Time 1

Time. Cold. All reaching time. Stretching through eons, eternal. Worlds are born. Mature. Then die. And time stretches on. Forever. A whimper marks the passing of a race. Then nothing. Nothing but the cold silence of time. A burst of violence and glory! Harsh, brilliant, blinding flames! Ashes of a nova drift. Then; darkness. Frozen. Dead. Forgotten. And time stretches on. Forever. Worlds live in brilliance, lush, luxurious, pleasant -- only to die. One by one. They die. The moons. The planets. One last fling At glory and life... in lost eons, the sun novates. Planets vanish in flame! The star flashes out to eternal depths, an explosion of multicolored waves... Ashes. Coldness. Silence. Others die. Time can wait. The stars. Dying. The galaxies. Cooling. Dying. Dead. The universe. Slowing. Stopped. The finality of death. ...And time stretches on -- Forever. October 7, 1967

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