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...for Smokey

Smokey, we hardly knew you--
You came that chilly night, a vagrant
streak of grey, disappearing beneath
my truck to park beneath the warmth of its
and, when we looked,
you came forth, regal, proud, sleek;
yet not too proud to refrain from purring
as we picked you up...
There you were, in our arms,
soaking up our love, a love-machine running on twelve cylinders... Perhaps you were a stray--you didn't say; but if so, a well-fed stranger were you, fed not only with victuals, but also the nectar of love--and this you gave freely to us, purring loudly your contentment for all to hear. I had to leave, and so, Smokey, we put you down-- and for a few moments you stayed, rumbling deep within your warm heart your farewell; then you turned, blending into the night along the road... A sudden thud, and, Smokey, Your memory still lives... November 25, 1974

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