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...for April

I search for you in my dreams, groping in shifting mists that cling to the mind... I cry your name, and my wail is swallowed by the night... Somewhen, somewhere, I held you, loved you when you weren't mine; yet I knew beyond knowledge that someday I would be yours... In the clinging darkness I call your name, and there is no answer... Shadows flicker in the mists, half seen, then gone... Are these realities that have been, or; wraiths of things yet to be? I know not. --some seem incarnations yet to be born; others of long ago... Perhaps then, the answer lies in karma-- were we once together in a somewhen long ago? in some otherwhen, did we know life together, only to have it torn from us? Or, are we destined yet for each other, and is the time too soon, the incarnation wrong? I know not-- but that I seek,
and do not find you--I only know
as I stumble through the mists
I love you November 18, 1974

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