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The Eternal Savage

...for Irma

Mercenary, and barbarian savage was I, born of the wilderness, gliding `cross the world alone; an ephemeral shadow to some--but a veritable hell-spawned fiend to those who crossed my will...

Sufficient unto myself was I, free to revel naked and glistening in daemonic storms lashing the world in terrifying fury; free to laugh with the thunder while lesser creatures whimpered and cringed beneath mighty blasts of primal lightening--Free to walk untouched, and, uncaring through the dismal blights man calls cities, as their denizens shrink back; shocked to be so vividly reminded of the dark, violent origins of our race....

Yes; wild, savage barbarian was I, roaming the world freely, dependent upon none, caring for none, and laughing at the softness and ``freedoms'' of civilized men... And then, then I saw you, a gentle fawn besieged by these maggots that dare call themselves men, that dare pretend a greater wisdom than God--when battle was done, and I victorious, you smiled at me, and I knew then I had lost a far greater battle...

Then I learned of your heart and soul, pure and free; and I saw again the dismal, vicious daemons called men creep up, to destroy our bond--and in my rage I gathered armies behind me, prepared for battle, glorious battle in your name, for your sake--but attack came unexpected, overwhelming my bastions, crushing my armies and scattering them before the winds--tearing my very being asunder...

For the attacker was you, yours was the hand wielding daggers of mistrust and fear... With one word, one single word, you destroyed what man--with his festering cities, his treacherous ways--could not touch...

For you said of us, ``no...''

Mercenary and barbarian savage am I, gliding across the world, alone...

The eternal savage.

July 26, 1972

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