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Question III Life

I think--therefore I am;

--I exist, but what in truth exists?

An incredible complex array of non-living atoms organized into a living gestalt matrix possessing/possessed of three dimensions moving irrevocably in a fourth, capable in limited fashion of self-sustainment. To what purpose?

Occupation of a space/time continuum unique solely to this one matrix of matter and energy--moving upon/through a far more vast matrix of matter orbiting one of even more inconceivable size and complexity--which in turn is but a minuscule continuum partaking of a galactic/universal gestalt.

If such indeed is existence, then life is void, a futility - matrixes of non-living atoms possessed of life/vital energy seeking out other matrixes, all occupying minuscule niches of space/time. Yet the cessation of existence, the merging of one's particular matrix with the greater seems a vast futility, a giving in to the siren wail of entropic decay.

It would seem, then, there must be another purpose than occupation of a space/ time niche, of existence as a gestalt of billions-squared nonliving atoms possessed of an incomprehensible--yet labeled--force called life...

In some unfathomable manner, complexes of atoms are arrayed in a manner that gives rise to a sum far greater than its parts, capable of initiating replication of similar patterns from non-living matrixes organized in totally different forms. In addition to the ability of replication is the capability of a fluctuating, variable energy field variously labelled ``thought'', ``intelligence'', or ``mind'', which has never been directly perceived, but only indirectly - by means of artificial constructs organized by this very energy field, detectable solely by the same...

To what purpose? Call it futility, destiny, fate:

We exist--and the reason shall never be known...

                                       June 10, 1975

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