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Auf Wiedersehen

...for April

For a while, we walked the shores of life together, lying in the sun, playing on the shore, running, hand in hand, through forests, and lying, side by side, on the flanks of majestic mountains... For a while, we shared life, laughter, and--love--in secret worlds }
none other but we shall ever know... In my own way,
I gave love, and, so did you--
but it was worlds apart,
destined to touch but a moment,
as a comet kisses the sky
and then journeys on...
And, as the comet,
our love pursued diverging paths
never to meet again;
for I follow one path through
the eternal stars--and you, another...
If I could, I would change my course;
follow your orbit--
but this you would not allow...
I shall find my own
special dawn;
and you
shall find yours--
I only rejoice,
that for a while
our paths converged--
and hope,
when the night is still
and the winds blow softly
that you look to the stars...

and remember... June 3, 1975

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