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Question 1

...for April

What, in truth, is love? Giving--solely to fulfill another with no thought of self? or giving, in order to receive in turn? Can one truly give--and never ask? Not without loss of unique identity... for when giving part of self --and in giving without return-- it is no more unique... Another piece of self is sacrificed at whim-- --solely because it pleases the other, never again unique once given... Piece, by piece, one's personality dissolves, plastic to the whims of the other, finally lost in the mold of innocent, yet alien design... --and one becomes a stranger unto himself, a puppet dangling on strings... Or-- can one freely give, yet ask for like in return? Is such, then, truly free? The asking is naught more than pricing one's love... one gives--and receives in return, giving. Two pieces of separate identity No longer unique--submerged in alien otherness, formless... One sacrifices an integral part, and, the other also-- but sacrifice involves giving-- by paying a price of pain within, and ultimate loss of one's uniqueness... Pain for joy, joy for pain; perhaps it does truly please, fulfill, enrapture the other-- But, it was bought with a price, and an article with price is never free... August 1, 1974

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