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The Wanderer

...for Life

Through many worlds I have come,
knowing life, giving love,
sharing pain--
in many lands have I been... Shores of wind-swept sands
quiescent under scintillating stars
have known my mind
as I communed with the pulsing sea
and soft moon.. Peaceful forests folded in gentle mists
have felt my passing deep within
secluded glens where mossy banks
cradle crystalline brooks... Vast barren deserts and lonely winds
have shared my thoughts
with the keening wail of wolves
far beneath steel stars... Flowered meadows under warm sun
kissed by gentle winds
have touched my life
with the gentle music of love... These things I freely give--
the pulsing of the timeless sea,
the gentle breath of desert winds,
and the soft scents of spring --as I pass through life,
the Wanderer... January 9, 1975

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