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...for Irma

Let us go, you and I, and explore uncharted shoals of time and space.... We shall move swiftly as the rays of the myriad stars; touching icy stones forever lost that drift endlessly between the galaxies, frosted by the last breaths of dying worlds... We shall pass by dark nebulae obscuring mysterious stars that lure unwary travelers into their ebony pits; and, we shall bask in the lingering rays of gentle suns shepherding their fertile planets through jeweled galactic meadows... Then, witness with me the awesome birth of flaming nebulae; fire-spawned metallic wraiths orphaned by cataclysmic birth, their iridescent veils flowing in icy winds blowing from beyond eternity... Plunge wildly with me into massive gas giants, to be torn by daemonic primal winds, seared by titan lightning lacing sizzling terrifying patterns in continent-clouds; to be blasted by awesome shattering thunder, crushed by intense gravity, and drowned in corrosive acid deluges... Then, let us retreat to new-born worlds where we can be kissed by gentle breezes, walk under healing skies, and hear delicate melodies of rainbowed birds as we walk, hand in hand, through flowered meadows... January 6, 1972

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