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Silent Night...

Author's Note: On December 12th, 1968, my legal guardian - my maternal grandmother - took me aside when I got home from school and told me that my baby brother Danny had died of starvation not long after he had been returned to my mother and stepfather in 1960 by the courts - I was devastated, and wrote this poem for Danny an hour later. I didn't find out until 1986 that my grandmother had lied in order to keep me from trying to find him, and to further increase my hatred of my mother, from whom I and my siblings were taken in 1959.

Merry Christmas

For Danny...

A warm golden glow spreads through a room filled with feasting people, devoid of any gloom; happy and carefree, headless of the night... But, somewhere, a child is crying Joyous spirits follow brandy quickly and merriment floods forth thickly surrounding all in warm golden light... But, somewhere, a child is dying The feast lasts through the icy night and finally ends, the people feel light and slowly depart on their ways... Somewhere -- a child is dead December 12, 1968

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