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Lost Haven

...with thanks to the Moody Blues

Bellowed sails quivered, then collapsed in surrender to the calm twilight as the sun kissed the sea, and the motley fleet slowly came to rest as darkness deepened in the east. Trimarans, merchant ships; pleasure craft and war galleys; catamarans, and large tri-decked galleons lay still upon the calm sea; their sad and equally strange crews silent, looking either into the east from whence they came; or to the flag that now hung limp from the tallest mast of each ship - a deep blue standard, with a white oak encircled by fourteen silver stars... No where was there heard a voice, for the mixed crews were lost in deep contemplation, and dusk was greeted only by silent tears.

As twilight deepened, those watching the east caught a glimpse of a majestic flame-tipped mountain towering above the towering mists. Soon all were facing the east; warrior, merchant, slave; philosopher, poet, teacher, artist; peasant, priest, royalty - all watched the sun's rays linger on the mount leagues behind...

Then, even as the sun's rays departed, the mount quivered in mortal agony, its snow-capped crown dissolving in searing flames of cataclysmic eruption, and the people cried unashamed as the ruined and flaming mountain sank into the sea...

A faint wind filled the sails as the first stars appeared, and the strange fleet once again pierced the waves as one warrior turned to the east, raised his hand in salute, and cried ``farewell, Atlantis''...

                                           May 1, 1974

End of Chapter 1
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