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Writing Samples from Persistence Software

The following samples show how I approach technical topics and present information to software developers. Some are entire works; others are excerpts from longer documents. All samples, including beta documents, posted with permission.

The following PDF documents can be viewed on any system that supports Adobe Acrobat Reader:

  • PowerTier Web Development Tools - This chapter describes the process for developing J2EE applications that use Web components to access Enterprise JavaBeans, with conceptual introductions to the development tools that you use at each stage of the process.

  • The ps-makeejb Command - This chapter provides conceptual information about the ps-makeejb command, for compiling and building EJB components in a J2EE application, with procedural steps for using each option of this command.

  • Deployment Guide - This guide describes the overall deployment process for J2EE applications using EJB, Web, and Java client components, focusing on changes required in XML-based configuration files and deployment descriptors.

  • Distributed Authorization - This sample shows the "before" and "after" views of a description of how the PowerTier security features handle authorization on distributed methods. At the request of a reviewer, I converted a previous writer's textual description of the process to a graphical representation.

  • Using the Standard Templates - This Style Guide chapter describes the standard FrameMaker templates with procedural instructions for how to use each one. I wrote this chapter during the brief time we attempted to use the Canterbury Content Management System.

All of these sections were published in both PDF and HTML format, generated from FrameMaker source using Adobe Acrobat and WebWorks Publisher Professional, respectively.

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