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"There Is Love In the World Still"
by Kathleen Mehl Chadwick

Wolf, I'd looked at the website weeks (months maybe) ago, but tonight when I got this email from you I clicked on the links and went back.

Then, for some reason, I stayed at the website for a long while, over 2 hours. I've never met Martha or you or anyone in those pictures, but I've seen some of the same trees and and some of the same skies and some of the same sun light shining through forest cathedrals and some of the same shadows and some of the same smiles and some of the same thoughtful eyes. I've felt some of the same tenderness. I've heard some of the same poems and I've heard or spoken similar words and I have felt what those poems and words have stirred within me. . . how they remind me of the inevitable endurance of goodness and truth.

But, sometimes I almost forget. Sometimes on long dark days and restless night, I almost forget that war and greed and cruelty have NOT strangled all that is good and beautiful and true. Sometimes I almost forget that still, if not here or not there, then somewhere. . . somewhere there is still love in the world.

One of the next times I'm in that place of almost forgetting such a critically important truth, I will bring to the front of my mind all the images and thoughts on your website for Martha, and what the whole of it said/sang/whispered to me tonight.

Tonight I'll go to bed reminded -- at the end of a day when I needed reminding a bit more than usually -- that there is love in the world still, and that all that is good and true ultimately prevails. Good timing. Been a rough week.

I always know these things, but sometimes the feeling of what I know fades. Those are the days it feels like I'm running on empty, though I know that is absolutely not true, as real as it feels. Those are the times I go on faith and sheer stubbornness, and that gets me by for the short-term, so I can continue to know in my head the truths I can't feel at the moment. Some days it has to be enough for me to know, and it is. But, I admit, it's better than "icing on the cake" when I get to enjoy both the knowing and the feeling of what is good and true. (And I really like icing!)

Spending my evening at your website for Martha, I got to enjoy the cake and the icing too!

The whole of what the website says to me is that there is still love and beauty and goodness and truth on this earth, and that there always has been, and there always will be. Death cannot change that. Nor can greed and its horrors. When my spirit slumps and discouragement bites, I will bring again to the front of my mind the websites words/songs/whispers of love--and therefore of goodness and truth-- that is, the poems, words, and the images of faces, smiles, loving eyes, thoughtful eyes, tender touch. Without personally knowing you and Martha and your family and friends, I can see on this website reflections of the best of humanity and the glory of God.

When I need to remember important things I sometimes almost forget, I will bring to the front of my mind what I was able to soak up from what you have shared through this website. I won't need to revisit the website, tho' I probably will. But I stored it within, so if the Internet ever goes down, I won't! :) This website, and its messages, at least the ones I gathered while I was visiting the website tonight, I add to my inner world, in the places where I store nourishment for my heart/mind/spirit. Like a squirrel who has prepared for winter, when I am weary and my house shudders as wintry winds of discouragement seep through my windows, I'll go to that place inside where I retrieve nourishment, like what I received (and stored) from your website for Martha, and I know, strength will arise within me once again, and hope and joy and peace will once again be within my grasp. And one more time, renewing my faith, icy gales become sweet warm breezes.

Thanks again,


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